Ski Outfits – Buying Your First One

Having the right ski outfit is essential if you want to stay safe on the slopes and enjoy yourself.

What You Need For Your First Skiing Holiday

Knowing what to buy and pack for your first skiing holiday can be bewildering for a complete beginner.

Ski wear is expensive, so it is a good idea to borrow someone else’s ski wear for your first skiing holiday if you can. Alternatively hire a ski suit to take with you, many independent ski shops still offer this service or will sell you a 2nd hand suit.

Don’t buy your own ski boots to start with

Don’t buy your own boots, skis or snowboard until you have been skiing a few times. They are expensive and you need to ski for a few weeks before you know which type is best for you. You can hire your boots and ski from a shop in the ski resort every resort has several shops. Make sure that you pre-book your ski and boot hire to avoid disappointment.


It can get warm as well as cold on the mountain

To ski you need to be prepared for cold as well as warm days on the mountain. You need a layer of light, absorbent, breathable under clothes to wear under your ski suit. Many people swear by thermal underwear, whilst other people like to wear leggings and a cotton t-shirt or light cotton shirt. A light jumper that is made of natural fibres like wool or silk can be useful. If you feel the cold a lightweight jumper will be useful, and is easy to slip into your backpack.

Layers are the key when skiing

First Ski OutfitIf you are going to go skiing you need to be prepared for all eventualities. As we mentioned above it can get hot and cold on the mountain. In addition, if it snows or rains you can easily get wet.

You never quite know what is going to happen on the mountain. Therefore, the best approach is to wear layers. The diagram on this page explains what you need to buy and wear to keep you warm when it snows and cool enough when the sun shines.

Buy proper ski gloves

Protect your hands when you ski. A light pair of under gloves will keep them warm and dry, Proper skiing gloves will stop you cutting your hands if you fall over, so buy these too. Skiing goggles and a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes are essential. Pack several pairs of skiing socks, one for each day is a good idea. Normal socks are no good for skiing they are too thin and do not protect your shins from chaffing. Buy yourself a good hat; do not rely on your ski suit’s hood to keep you warm.

You really do need special ski wear

Do not be tempted to ski in ordinary clothes some people do it, but if you fall over you will end up soaked and very cold. If you get stuck on a chair lift in ordinary clothes you will be freezing within minutes.

Do not buy a ski suit as your first skiing outfit instead go for salopettes and a jacket.  A ski suit is great, but they quickly go out of fashion and cannot be updated. If you buy salopeetes you can easily update your skiing outfit by buying a new jacket and new accessories.

If you need any additional advice to help you to select the right gear for your first ski trip just leave a comment below, or drop us a line. We have been skiing for decades, so know what you need to be able to safely enjoy this exciting sport.

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