Relieve Stress Get Outdoors

Most of the people on this site already appreciate the great outdoors. They take part in sports, hunt or hike for many reasons, but they all do it, in part, because they love to be outside.

At first, not everyone feels the same way. They may feel cold, or exposed to the elements, but in time most people get used to this, and start to really appreciate what nature has to offer.

Eventually, people find that if they do not spend time close to nature that they miss it. Even on a cold day, they feel the urge to get up from a comfy chair, in a warm chair, and go for a walk.

Basically, they have the bug. They are happier when they are outdoors than when they are in a confined space.

Studies show that being outside is actually very good for us. All kinds of people can be helped by taking up a hobby or sport that takes them outside.

This is particularly the case for people that suffer from mental health issues. Numerous studies have shown that outdoor activities are good for those who are suffering from depression. Simple activities like walking and fishing are usually the best way to help people with this health issue to get out and about. They do not require the person to learn a special set of skills, and in the case of walking require no special equipment. Importantly, the activity can be done for just an hour or for most of the day. This flexibility is ideal for someone who may not feel like staying out for long one day.

In time, many people find that they feel well enough to take up a more demanding activity. For example, in time someone that walks will want to start jogging. Before they know it they are going for long runs, and training for a marathon and socialising with other participants.


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