Food to Take Caravanning

car-1441979_1280The last thing you want to be doing on a caravaning vacation is slaving over the cooker or worrying about what to serve at the next meal. After all, it’s a time to relax, enjoy the beach or the countryside or just spend more quality time with the family. So, keep things simple, think about your favourite fast but nutritious and tasty recipes that you can adapt and how you can make them in a more confined space.

Eat out as much as you can

Unless you are caravaning in a very remote place, there’s no need to take a lot of foodstuffs and drink with you. Shopping as you need to gives you the chance to explore the local area, support the local economy and try some great foodstuffs and drink that may never have had the chance to before. Most High St supermarkets carry the same basic items, so you should always be able to pick up fresh stuff like milk and bread as you want them.

Take mainly tinned foods with you

Experienced vacation makers will already know how important a good reserve ‘foodstuffs box’ is to supplement the fresh supplies. Non-perishable and tinned products such as dry herbs, cereals, crackers & biscuits, margarine, mayonnaise, dried pasta, instant rice, oil, tinned tomatoes and fish or meat are essential for the basics of a quick dinner. Also, don’t forget things like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water, sugar, biscuits and other treats that you need.

Try barbecuing instead of cooking inside your caravan

Many caravans now come with an oven and also possibly a microwave but a caravan vacation is a fantastic chance to try out various methods of cooking too. If the weather is warm a barbecue is a great way to cook meat, fish and vegetables and do not forget baking potatoes and hotdogs around the camp fire. Just make sure you take a frying pan and a good sized saucepan in case your caravan doesn’t have them.

Try local foods whenever you can

A self catering vacation is the perfect time to try the local produce like regional fruit and vegetables that are in season and also cheeses, meats, honey, breads, cakes and other treats. Those on vacation near the sea will also be able to buy fresh fish from the harbour of course try the many fish and chip shops about. Do not forget to try the local wines or beers too.

Always have an alternative

When you go caravaning or camping you need to be prepared. It is wise to double check that you have enough gas before you set out. You also need to make sure it is the right type if you are going to be camping in very cold conditions. Some gases will freeze when it gets very cold.

It is always wise to have an alternative way to heat your food in your caravan. That way if you do run out of gas, or your oven breaks you can just get the barbecue out. Or, if it is also raining, or snowing, you can just use the microwave instead.

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