Coping with Food Sensitivities When Camping

camping food

If like me, you enjoy outdoor sports your food intolerances can be a right pain in the neck. When you are camping, even spending a day hiking, or climbing you need to take your own food.

This becomes tricky when you have a food intolerance because the foods you can take are limited by the fact there are so many ingredients that you cannot eat. Many dehydrated foods and energy bars contain big no-nos for those who suffer from food intolerances or, worse, an allergy.

The problem is that the majority of energy bars and dehydrated meals contain a lot of the most common allergens. That is to say, wheat, gluten, dairy products, eggs and chemicals like MSG. So, grabbing a handful of protein bars is just not an option nor is taking a bunch of pot noodle/pasta foods to give you energy. So, what do you do?

Make your own energy bars

Well often, the answer is to make your own foods to take with you. If you do this, you are in control. You can choose ingredients that you know do not cause an adverse reaction in you and use them to make the food that you take with you.

energy bars

For example, you can make your own energy bars in the form of flapjacks made from grains that you know agree with you. Cake and bread made from gluten-free flour also work well. For a quick burst of energy allergen-free chocolate or homemade date, bars are great.

Make your own vacuum pack foods

Provided you can heat up water, you can use allergen-free pasta to make a quick dish. Experiment at home first.

Pour boiling water over a little pasta in a cup and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Surprisingly it is often cooked through at this stage. If the pasta is still not quite cooked tip away from the water and pours more freshly boiled water over the top and leave to stand again until the pasta is cooked.
Add a sauce to enjoy a warm allergen-free meal. You can make the sauces at home and cook them down as far as possible so that the sauce is concentrated and takes up as little space as possible. Vacuum pack the sauce into individual servings and add a little extra boiling water to create a nice pasta or rice sauce. You can also make boil in the bag dishes and vacuum pack them. Dried fish also works well for those who can eat it.

Take sliced meats with you or preserved meats to give you a protein hit. Boiled eggs work well provided you can eat them. Homemade pastries, scotch eggs, and similar items are good too, but not if the weather is very hot because you will not be able to keep them cool enough to keep them food safe.

Double wrap everything

How you wrap these homemade snacks and meals is extremely important. Take the time to double wrap everything and if something is soft put it in a hard casing. Yes, it takes up more space and is heavier, but at least you know for sure your food will be edible when you come to eat it.


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