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Trapper Hats

Originally, trapper hats, as the name indicates, where worn by fur trappers.  They originally designed this style of hat.  Exactly how long ago they did so is not really known.  However, it is thought that the hat originated in the USA.

The design of trapper hats

The design of the trapper hat was largely dictated by the materials available and the function it needed to fulfil.  It was originally made out of fur, which of course was the material that trappers had the most access to.  The idea was to make a close fitting cap that did not obscure the trapper’s eyes when they were hunting or moving around a dangerous environment.  It has long ears to ensure that the trapper is kept as warm as possible.  They tie up under the chin to keep the wind out.

Traditionally it was possible to tie the ears of the hat up above the head.  This meant that when he was not so cold you could wear the hat almost as a cap.  In addition, the brim of the hat could be folded back up against the scalp.  Again this was for practical reasons, when it was really cold the brim could be turned down again against the forehead leaving just the bottom part of the face exposed to the elements.

Modern Trapper Hats

Trapper HatToday the trapper hat is still popular with hunters.  It is extremely warm and practical.  Modern trapper hats normally have the addition of a waterproof fabric layer.  However, they have also become a fashion item, so often this layer is purely for display rather than practicality.

Most modern trapper hats are made of fake fur, however in some countries such as the Baltic States real fur is the preferred material.

Where to Buy Trapper Hats

You do not see many trapper hats for sale on the high street.  However, some hunting, fishing, and outdoor activity shops do still sell them.  However, by far the easiest place to find them is online.  There are literally hundreds of sites that sell these great hats, however it is better to buy them from specialist sellers.

How to Shop for Functional yet Stylish Skiwear

Stylish Ski wear

Many people forget that skiing is a sport when they go out to buy their skiwear. However, you need to bear in mind that skiing is a demanding sport that takes you to what is sometimes a dangerous and hostile environment.

Mountains can be dangerous places

When the sun is shining, mountains are glorious, safe places to be, but once the sun goes down or it snows a mountainside rapidly turn into a potentially dangerous place. Without the sun, the temperature on a mountainside rapidly drops well below zero and you can quickly suffer from hypothermia if your ski-suit is not built to protect you from the elements.
Therefore, it is very important to buy skiwear that will protect you as well as look good.

Three layers for protection

Your skiing outfit needs to be made up of three distinct layers of protection. The outer layer has to be wind and water resistant (or better still waterproof), the middle layer keeps you warm and the inner layer wicks your sweat away from your skin.


The best inner layer

The inner layer must be very lightweight, but be capable of absorbing any sweat. For skiing, the best inner layer is thermal underwear.
It is important to make sure that you only buy a good quality well established brand, so that you can be sure that it will be effective at absorbing any sweat. Sweat left on the skin can quickly chill a person when the temperature drops drastically.

The right middle layer

Your ski-outfits middle layer has to be sufficiently light and thin to allow you full freedom of movement, but also needs to keep you warm. Fleece is probably your best choice for the middle layer of your skiing outfit; failing that lightweight wool or polypropylene are the next best materials. This layer also has to be lightweight enough to take off and put in your backpack when it is very hot on the mountainside.

ski wear layers

A good quality outer layer

The outer layer of your skiing outfit should be a lightweight un-insulated shell. The majority of the best quality ski suits or skiing jackets and trousers are made from closely woven nylon or polyester. Make sure that what you buy is wind resistant as well as waterproof.

Good quality accessories


In addition to your three layers, you also need to buy good quality gloves, eye protection and a hat. The sun on the mountainside is much brighter than normal so good quality goggles or sunglasses are essential. You lose a lot of heat from your hands and head so good gloves and a hat is essential.


Buying skiwear online

With skiwear, it is hard to judge the quality, so it is something you should consider going shopping for in the real world. If you do that you can visually check the quality of the fabrics.
However, that does not mean that you cannot shop online for skiwear. Snow and Rock are a great example.You can use what you learn while shopping offline to inform your decision about which brands and materials to look for online.

It is important to read reviews when shopping for skiwear online. Using other people’s feedback will help you to make the right choices.

Order your skiwear well in advance and as soon as you get your parcel try the skiwear on. This is important because it gives you time to send back any items that are not suitable or do not fit and order something else or get your money back.