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An Overview of two great sports bike manufacturers

As you know, we love cycling. It really is one of the best ways to get outside, stay fit and give yourself a bit of an emotional and mental high.

On this page, we are going to take a quick look at two of the best leisure and sport bike manufacturers in the world. They are both very different companies, one is very new to the market and the other has been making bikes for decades. Each has a unique approach to bike design and manufacturing, so between them they provide a fantastic way to find the perfect bike for you.
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Felt Bike

Felt Bikes

Felt Bikes is a relatively new company in comparison to the wide array of other bike manufactures who have been around for 100 years plus. However, this is where their strength lies.
From the very start Felt Bikes made sports bikes and nothing else. Their bikes are not just city bikes that have been evolved to meet the needs of sports cyclists. They were all designed from scratch for one specific cycling sport.

The Range of Felt Bikes

The range of felt bikes is growing all the time. They currently build and supply mountain, track, road, BMX, cruiser and cyclocross bikes to the world’s sportsmen and women. They have a well deserved reputation for building the best trial bikes available.

felt bmx bike

Each bike is designed on the computer to be as light and strong as possible. Right from the start they use wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics to get the most efficient design.
Buying Felt bikes is getting easier all the time as they expanding their list of distributors and suppliers on an almost daily basis. The firm is based in the US, but now sell in 33 other countries including most European countries. The internet is a great place to find and research their bikes.

Orbea Bikes

The history of Orbea bikes is long and illustrious. The company was originally formed in 1840 and started by making guns and rifles. In 1930, they expanded and began to design and produce bicycles. Now this is their core business.

The great thing about Orbea bikes is that they produce a wide range of bikes. Everything from high spec mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes to city commuter bikes.

orbea bikes

Buying Orbea Bikes

The huge choice of bikes they sell can make buying one a bit of a daunting prospect. Luckily, they make it easy for you. Firstly, they name their bikes by usage type and present them to the public for sale in this way. So, if you want a city bike you do not waste time skimming through mountain bikes and other sports bikes.

Orbea bikes use a wide array of distributors and suppliers to sell their bikes and, fortunately for you, many of them have their own websites. This makes finding out about each bike is easy to do. Plus, of course, on-line you can compare prices as well as specs. Take your time and do your research and you will find the perfect Orbea bike for you.

A Quick Overview of Mountain Bikes


Mountain bike that has grown like crazy, you can now enjoy the sport in most parts of the world. If there is a steep slope out there, the chances are at some point someone will build a trail over it.

Over the years the bikes used have evolved, so we though now was a good time to write a quick overview of the different types that are available. This is literally an overview, nothing detailed, just a way for you to get your head around the basic types.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes have a full suspension, but only on the front of the bike. This is the type of bike most people get started on, they are considerably cheaper than full suspension bikes.
In addition, they are mechanically simpler. This makes these bikes easier to maintain as well as cheaper.

Hardtail Mountain Bike

They also tend to be lighter. However, riding one of these bikes is challenging. The ride is less forgiving, make a mistake and you will come off, but that said they are a lot of fun. An awful lot of people that save up and buy full suspension bikes find themselves turning to their old hard tail every now and again as a way to mix things up and make things a bit more challenging.

Rigid Mountain Bikes

For most people the idea of hurtling down a mountain on a bike with no specialist suspension sounds completely mad. To a large extent, we agree with them.

rigid mountain bike

Rigid mountain bikes have no suspension to speak of. They are tough and unforgiving bikes. However, they are a great way to hone your technique. When you ride one of these bikes, every little mistake you make is highlighted. Forcing you to take notice and learn to ride better.
Certainly not for beginners, but great for the more experienced rider who wants to push themselves.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

If you enjoy mountain biking you will know just how good full suspension mountain bikes are in comparison to hard tail and rigid bikes. These bikes, sometimes called dual-suspension bikes, allow you better control at high speeds and over obstacles.

Full suspension

Not everyone likes them, which is why some riders still buy hard tail or rigid bikes. However, generally speaking, a full or dual suspension bike offers better control. This leads many riders to feel safer on the bike, which gives them better confidence meaning that they ride better. They also put less strain on the riders back and arms.

As you can see for most people, the full suspension bike is a good option. If you can only afford to buy one bike, make it a full suspension one.

To help you here are few quick buying tips:
Buying Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Before buying a full suspension bike, it is wise to go somewhere and hire one for the day. If you can, try out all three kinds of bike before making your final decision and beginning your search for a bike.

The best selection of full suspension mountain bikes is to be found online, like Evans Cycles. There you can see every model available and can easily compare the specs. Take your time and compare each model. Never buy simply on price. Make sure that you choose the correct frame size and go with a bike whose overall weight you are already used to.

Whichever bike you buy take your time, do your research and if you can hire and try before you buy.