Camping Across Europe Gets Easier

If you would like to see more of Europe, camping can be a great way of doing so. There are hundreds of thousands of sites scattered across the continent of Europe.

The kind of site you find varies from country to country, however, every country within Europe has very good sites within their boundaries. In most countries, the standards on their sites are extremely high.

Electric hook ups on campsites

Even the most basic sites have electric hook ups, hot showers and good quality toilet facilities. Sites are usually located at the edge of a village or town, this enables you to stroll or ride into town to go shopping or enjoy a meal.

If you are planning to take advantage of the electricity while you are away remember to take the right adaptors. It is not always easy to find and buy the right one that will work with your appliances, so it is important to take one or two with you.

Sports facilities on European campsites 

The very best sites offer far more than the basics. On these sites, you have access to additional facilities such as free internet, on site entertainment and sports facilities. The bigger campsites even have health spas as well as swimming centres. Lots are set in the country, which offers great walking as well as riding and trail biking. By the coast, you usually have access to a range of water sports like sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and new sports like coasteering. Even inland, you will find water sports like all kinds of fishing and canoeing.

Exploring the tourist sights while camping 

Most sites are situated in the main tourist areas, so they are the perfect starting point for visiting all the sights. If you prefer to stay somewhere less busy you will find plenty of more compact campsites in those areas too.

Camping the modern way

tent-548022_1280The other great thing about camping is that it has changed a great deal in the past decade. You can still take your own tent and equipment and travel from site to site around putting up your tent on arrival. However, more and more campers are deciding to go glamping instead. Glamping is glamorous camping or luxury camping, which is basically luxury camping.


If you go glamping, you do not take your own tent. Instead, you arrive and stay in a ready erected luxury tent. These tents are more like chalets than tents. They have canvas walls and ceilings, but that is all they have in common with traditional tents. They have solid floors and in most of these tents, you get your own bathroom . In the most luxurious tents, full sized baths are included and some are set out just like the penthouse suites available in the world’s top hotels. They have fully equipped kitchens, the furniture in the tent is solid, this means that you get real full-sized beds and wardrobes.

Luxury glamping campsites are popping up all over the European continent, so touring the sights in luxury is inexpensive. This new style of campsite offers accommodation that is every bit as good as that offered by many hotels, but in a country setting.

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