Buying Insurance for Your Horse and Horsebox

Horse Insurance

We know that many of our readers love riding and a significant number of you own horses, so we felt a few articles related to horses and riding would be useful. This one is about buying horse insurance and insurance for your horsebox.

Owning a horse is a pleasure, but it is also a big responsibility. You want to do everything you can to protect your horse and make sure that they are looked after. Here is a quick overview of what can be included in a horse insurance policy.

What does horse insurance cover?

Vets fees – If your horse falls sick or is involved in an accident the vet’s fee can be high. It can be very difficult to cover the cost of getting your horse fit again, so most horse insurance policies cover vets fees. You need to check how much coverage is provided and which treatments are included and which are excluded.

Public liability – Should you be found legally liable for causing injury to someone else while with your horse, or damaging their property, public liability or third party horse insurance will cover the cost of compensation. Accidents happen it only takes your horse to be spooked and run away, so this coverage is important.

Permanent loss of use – this element of a horse insurance policy provides coverage should something happen to your horse and it stops you using your horse for an activity for which it is insured.

Saddlery and tack – This type of coverage covers you if your tack or saddles are stolen or damaged. The damage can be because of an accident. It can also be as a result of a flood or fire, but that type of damage may be covered by your contents insurance.

Horsebox insurance


Good quality horsebox insurance is important. They are an expensive piece of kit that needs a good level of coverage. If you come across a cheap policy, you need to be suspicious and check what is missing from the policy. In most cases, if you read the terms and conditions carefully you will find there is something important missing from the policy.

Buying the right insurance for your horse
Which policy is right for you depends on many factors. Start by thinking about which elements you need to include on your policy.

Shop around

Quite a few firms provide horse and horsebox insurance, so it is important to shop around as you would for any type of insurance. To be able to do this effectively you need to fully understand the policy you are buying and your options.

Where to find out more

This article has been put together with the help of thatsinsurance. The owner of this site has worked in the insurance industry for many years. Importantly, he owns several horses, and has been involved in the horse-riding world for many years. This means that he has an in-depth understanding of horse and horsebox insurance.

He also provides information about travel insurance and other types of policy you may need, so his site is well worth bookmarking.

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