About us

After years of enjoying the great outdoors, and helping many others to do the same, we have decided to write about the subject.

We want to share our expertise with a wider audience. If you are wondering if canoeing, kayaking, fishing or shooting are for you this site is a good starting point.

We also cover the many modern outdoor pastimes and pursuits. Mountain biking, cross-country riding, trail riding, hacking even bungee jumping are covered here. Winter sports are also on the list of activities covered on the Nicatou Outfits site.

Among them are skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, ice skating and even sledding are all covered.
Our focus is the kit and clothes you need to enjoy these outdoor sports, but we also cover details of where you can go to experience them.

Basically, we are a resource to help you to find out more about outdoor activities and sports and start enjoying them yourself.

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